Monster Management is a Milan based fashion model management agency, founded in 2012, that is recognized for its outstanding scouting and talent development, thanks to a deep knowledge of the market by its highly professional team. MONSTER MGMT combines the core fundamentals of quality model & talent management with a current, innovative & pro-active approach to marketing & communications within an industry of constant change & re-invention. Independent Milan-based MONSTER MGMT is driven by a skillful melting pot of extraordinary agents & managers sharing the common vision and values that make for a qualified and professional personal management service provider to it’s models, clients and partners.


With select & distinct scouting, MONSTER is skilled in taking a new “discovery” and guiding them through their “first steps” with image & grooming work, development and direction analysis... Ultimately preparing & converting them into a valuable and industry-ready contender in the market. Understanding the managing dynamics built on vast experience, MONSTER continues that commitment and consistency in providing the highest level of individual & personalized career management in order to maximize opportunities for the talent they represent in all sectors of the industry. From new face models to PR & “branding” established names within the various categories of media, MONSTER reacts, responds & provides the accurate approach. Vision, passion, dedication, focus, with pride in giving quality service to the models, clients and partners,
that’s MONSTER.


Drawing from many years of both Grade-A model managing experience and state-of-the-art marketing achievements, the team at MONSTER is built on a solid foundation of knowledge & expertise. This management formation not only involves creating & providing career building opportunities for their talent through editorial, commercial, runway and advertising know-how (with precision in the concept of direct & special booking) but also expands to personal strategy methods & potential branding according to the evolution and direction of each individual models career. From a marketing view, the team at MONSTER is unsurpassed for their successes in art & creative direction, company branding, imagery and promotional techniques.


Approaching it’s 7th year in activity while focussing on organic and internal growth, important & substantial evolutions came to play.
Of which:

NEW OFFICE: We moved our head-quarters in a strategic space, located in the heart of the Tortona District.

NEW INFLUENCERS/TALENT DEPARTMENT: With the evolution of the market, and the acquisition of new professionals, Monster management decided to expand their roster and utilize their know-how into the world of Social influencers and Talents.

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